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Socket Solutions

Holland Rabbit is the authorized agent of MCS in EMEA & CIS.

MCS (Micro Contact Solution) was established in 1999 in South Korea and supplies various sockets for semiconductor test to global customers including Samsung, SK Hynix, Intel, Micron, Nanya, UMC, and other customers.

Burn-in Socket

Elastomer Test Socket

Module Socket


Holland Rabbit-MCS team provide reliable socket solutions with technology that have been proven with over 20 years of customer experiences.

With 100% in-house design and 100% in-house manufacturing, we provide conventional and customized sockets in the most favorable combination of technology, price, and delivery.

홀란드 래빗

기계 사업부

유럽산 기계부품 및 소재

기계 사업부

유럽산 기계부품 및 소재

Brooks Instrument

유량제어기, 유량계측기, 면적식 유량계, 압력 및 진공관련 제품, 수증기 공급제품, 악세사리 및 제어 소프트웨어, 수리용 부속품


ASTM, ASME, ANSI, DIN, ISO, EN 규격 표준부품, 고온용 씰링, 고온용 러버, 식품산업 용 표준부품 EC1935/2004, EU10/2011


금속, 합금, 세라믹, 폴리머, 복합재료, 화합물, Foil, Sheet, Rod, Powder, Single Crystal, Tube, Wire, Film 등

Impex high tech

산업용 사파이어, 쿼츠, 광학제품 Blank, Window, Lens, Prism

About Us

Holland Rabbit is the authorized agent of MCS (Micro Contact Solution) in EMEA & CIS and provides socket products for semiconductor test.

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